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Protect-It® is our first product formulation developed to protect stored products from insects. It is a grain protectant containing a naturally occuring mineral called diatomaceous earth (DE) and another ingredient that enhances the ability of DE to control insects. Protect-It® uses a physical, not chemical, mode of action. It controls insect infestations by absorbing the protective waxy outer layer of the insect, resulting in dehydration. Protect-It® was approved for sale for agricultural and commercial use by Health Canada in 1995 and by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in 1996. Protect-It® is now being distributed in Canada, the United States and Croatia.

Pest resistance problems and environmental and health concerns regarding conventional pesticides have created a need for new tools to combat storage losses. Encouragingly, much of these losses can be reduced or eliminated with education and the adoption of new storage and handling technologies. Therefore, our marketing emphasis is on educating the market about the use of Protect-It® in conjunction with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies.

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