Treatment of Infested Grain

Protect-It® is the most effective means of eliminating existing infestations from grain. Grain moisture and temperature affect how much Protect-It® should be used to treat grain infested with the Rusty Grain Beetle. The table below shows the application rates for your situation. Since the addition of Protect-It® to cereal grains can affect grain flowability and test weight, the Canadian Grain Commission recommends that the overall concentration of Protect-It® not exceed 100g/tonne. We suggest that you dilute treated with untreated grain before delivery to the terminal elevator.

For surface infestation of Indian Meal moth and other grain moths apply a coating of Protect-It® to the surface of the grain mass using a dust blower.

How long does it take to work?

Given time, Protect-It® will control both adult and larval stages of the Rusty Grain Beetle. Because larvae usually spend most of their time inside the germ of the kernel, they will not be exposed to Protect-It® until they emerge. Please note that in grain of 20°C or less, larvae are less active and will take longer to emerge from the kernel. In total, allow for at least 28 days from date of Protect-It® application before you ship to the elevator.

Where to add Protect-It®?

Mix Protect-It® into the grain as it enters the auger or conveyor feed system during transfer. In general, doses and/or exposure times will have to be increased at lower temperatures and/or higher moisture contents, or if wind conditions result in loss of material during application. Since Protect-It® is a contact insecticide it only works when the insect comes in contact with the material. For best results ensure thorough mixing of Protect-It® with the grain.

How it works

Protect-It® absorbs the outer waxy layer of the insect’s cuticle. As this protective layer is removed, the insect dehydrates and dies. Protect-It® starts working immediately after application and lasts until the grain is processed. If necessary grain can be moved, processed or fed to livestock right after application. There are no residues associated with the use of Protect-It®.

Application rate of Protect-It® Per metric tonne (grams/tonne) for infested grain

Grain Grain Moisture Below 14.5% Grain Moisture Above 14.5%
150 grams/tonne 170 grams/tonne
Barley 225 250
Oats 225 250
Rye 225 250
Peas 300 300