Frequently Asked Questions about Protect-It®

The wheat harvest is about to start and callers are asking questions about Protect-It®.
The following are the most frequently asked questions:

Can Protect-It® be applied to other grains besides wheat?
Yes, Protect-It® is now registered for use on most grains and seeds.

Does Protect-It® affect seed germination?
No. Protect-It® was tested on malting barley by the Agriculture and AgriFood Canada, Cereal Research Centre, in Winnipeg and on wheat seed by Gustafson in Texas. Protect-It® did not affect seed germination in either test.

Can grain treated with Protect-It® be fed to livestock?
Yes, treated grain can be fed to livestock. Protect-It® is not considered hazardous when ingested. In fact, feeding tests conducted at the University of Guelph caused significant weight gain in pigs when added to their rations at 4% by weight.

Do I treat all of the grain or can I treat just some of it?
Treating all of the grain is the best way; however as a minimum application treat the top 3 feet of the grain mass at a higher rate. Most insects enter into the grain from the top of the bin and they tend to livein the top centre where there is more heat and moisture. Make sure there are no live insects in the bin before it is loaded. Treat the empty bin with Protect-It® 1-2 weeks before loading. For bins taller than 30 feet, adding 3 feet of Protect-It® to the bottom layer offers extra protection.

Why is there silica gel in Protect-It®?
The silica gel in Protect-It® substantially increases the performance of Protect-It® compared to diatomaceous earth alone. It is absorbent and prevents clumping of the diatomaceous earth.

Can I use the aeration fan to apply Protect-It®?
The aeration fan can be used to apply Protect-It® to the empty bin, not to the grain. When the bin is full putting some Protect-It® into the running fan may help coat the bottom of the grain mass, offering some protection as well as controlling insects under the plenum or in the aeration ducts.

Can Protect-It® be used instead of fumigation to kill insects in grain that is already infested?
For infested grain, fumigation or freezing the grain is the best choice, but Protect-It® can work when given enough time. Apply Protect-It® evenly to all the infested grain. Under ideal conditions (grain temperature greater than 20ºC and less than 14% moisture content) rusty grain beetles should be controlled when Protect-It® is applied at the rates specified on the label.

Bug Season has started for the year. Make sure you have some Protect-It® onhand.
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