Protect-It® Technical Information

Protect-It® is an indispensable tool for any producer or handler who stores grain. Protect-It® is the leading insecticide for prevention of infestation via application to empty bins and grain as it is being stored, as well as treatment of infested grain already in storage.

Below you will find the Technical Information on Protect-It®. We encourage you to take the time to review the information in order to help protect grain and profits by using Protect-It®. This package will also allow a better understanding of product knowledge, application, benefits and general facts. We have included a PDF of each individual piece and the complete package.

Complete Technical Package (Incudes all documents below)
Protect-It® MSDS (Material Safety data Sheet)
Protect-It® Product Label
Protect-It® Fact Sheet
Protect-It® Comparison Sheet
Protect-It® Features and Benefits
On Farm Application
Grain Elevator Application
Empty Bin Application Rates

To order Protect-It® call your local grain company location or crop input retailer.

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