Air Application Kit

For the application of dry Protect-It® to surfaces, including the interior surfaces of bins, silos, flat storage, rail cars, ships and mills AND for the application of Protect-It® to the surface of grain in-store, Hedley Technologies Ltd. recommends the Air App Kit. The kit is suitable for smaller farm bins up to large flat storage and ships.

The Air App Kit consists of an applicator gun, siphon hose, information sheets and a calibrated Protect-It® reservoir (see picture on reverse side). The kit is very easy to use – simply:

Refer to the application amount sheet or calculate the surface area of the surface to be treated.
Fill the reservoir to the level required by using the graduated scale.
Connect the applicator gun to a compressed air line.
Put the siphon hose directly into the Protect-It® in the reservoir.
Aim the gun and pull the trigger.

Since Protect-It® is a fine powder it disperses easily into the air. This means, that in many cases it is not necessary to enter the structure to be treated because Protect-It® will find its way to all interior surfaces and provide even coverage.

In the case of cement silos, apply Protect-It® from the top hatch. For bins 20 feet in diameter and smaller, apply Protect-It® from the outside at the lower hatchway (man-door).

For larger structures it may be necessary to enter and apply Protect-It® from the inside. Experiment with the equipment to determine how far the Protect-It® will reach at the air pressure you are using.

At normal air pressures (60 psi recommended minimum) bins can be treated in seconds. At 90 psi about 1 lb. of Protect-It® can be applied in 10 seconds, which will fully treat and empty silo 100 feet high and 25 feet in diameter in less than1 minute. For remote structures, the gun can be operated using a portable compressed air tank.

The Air App Kit is available from Hedley Technologies Ltd.

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