Application Equipment

General Information

Protect-It® can be applied both wet and dry. Wherever possible use Protect-It® dry – it will work faster that way. Since Protect-It® is a very fine powder it disperses quite easily. This means that in the case of structural application, Protect-It® can often be applied at one access point in the bin, e.g., upper hatch, lower main door, and it will evenly cover the ceiling, walls and floor of the bin.

For direct application to grain Protect-It® should be mixed with the grain as evenly as possible. This is important for all contact insecticides and helps ensure that insects cannot avoid Protect-It®. To prevent excessive loss of Protect-It® to air, it should be applied in a closed conveyor or in a sheltered area.

Structural application

Dry Protect-It® can be applied to bins, silos and tanks very quickly using aeration equipment. Calculate the amount of Protect-It® needed to cover the interior surface of the empty granary and feed this through the aeration fan. In the case of floor aeration systems it may be necessary to weight the floor down to prevent damage. It is possible to partially cover the floor with grain for this purpose.

As an alternative to aeration equipment Hedley Technologies Ltd. has available the Air App Kit. The kit consists of a Protect-It®calibrated reservoir, air operated application gun and siphon hose. Protect-It® is dispensed in seconds at moderate air pressure (6 lbs./minute at 90 psi). In the case of remote bins without aeration, the kit can be run off a portable (charged) air tank.

Most common spray applicators can be used to apply Protect-It® in slurry form. There is no need for agitation, as Protect-It® will remain in suspension for several hours. The spray should be kept as fine as possible to ensure even coverage. It is important to clean the spray equipment after application of Protect-It®.

Grain Application

For smaller grain operations Protect-It® can be applied by hand using a cup or 1 quart container to feed Protect-It® to grain as it is conveyed. Premixing the Protect-It® with 2 or 3 parts of the grain to be treated will help the Protect-It® flow more easily.

For farms and smaller commercial operations, the Smitty’s Automatic Auger Seed Treater is an effective tool for the application of Protect-It® to grain, as it is augered. The treater consists of a covered hopper and an internal mechanism that runs directly off the flighting of the auger.

For commercial size operations the Brabender FlexWall Feeder Model FW33 can accommodate a wide range of application rates with very high accuracy. The unit consists of a covered undulating hopper (to prevent material ridging) and a horizontal screw auger controlled by a variable speed ¼ horsepower motor. All components meet national electrical codes for grain handling facilities (explosion proof). Stock models can treat wheat with Protect-It® at less than 300 to over 6000 bushels per hour (based in 0.4 lbs./ton Protect-It®). Feed rates of up to 15,500 bushels can be achieved when the feeder is equipped with a larger screw auger.

Hedley Technologies Ltd. is continuing to develop other Protect-It® applicators.

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