Treatment of grain as you load your bin

Be prepared this year with Protect-It® as part
of your insect management program.

By now you will have thoroughly cleaned your empty grain bins and treated them with Protect-It®. As the time to fill your bins approaches, it’s important to remember that treating your grain as you auger it into your bin is an important part of infestation prevention.

For maximum efficiency therefore, Protect-It® should be applied to grain as you store it.

Apply Protect-It® while auguring grain into treated storage bin. Remember that it is necessary to adjust application rates depending on the type of grain or seed and the insect species normally encountered in the grain. Standard rates are show in the adjacent table (for grains not mentioned, contact Hedley Technologies).

Rate of Protect-It® Per metric ton (g/tonne)

Grain Rusty Grain
100 300
Barley 150 350
Oats 150 350
Rye 150 350
Peas 300 300
Corn 400 1000
Soybeans Surface Treatment Surface Treatment
Feed Grains Use relevant rates Use relevant rates