Truckload Application

For a typical open top grain (dump) truck, Protect-It® can be applied by evenly spreading the material over the surface of the grain mass and then raking it in to prevent it from blowing away. As the grain is dumped from the truck and is conveyed into the bin, the Protect-It® mixes well with the grain.
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Air Application Kit

For the application of dry Protect-It® to surfaces, including the interior surfaces of bins, silos, flat storage, rail cars, ships and mills AND for the application of Protect-It® to the surface of grain in-store, Hedley Technologies Ltd. recommends the Air App Kit. The kit is suitable for smaller farm bins up to large flat storage and ships.
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Application Equipment

General Information

Protect-It® can be applied both wet and dry. Wherever possible use Protect-It® dry – it will work faster that way. Since Protect-It® is a very fine powder it disperses quite easily. This means that in the case of structural application, Protect-It® can often be applied at one access point in the bin, e.g., upper hatch, lower main door, and it will evenly cover the ceiling, walls and floor of the bin.
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Publication Reference List

Copies of the following reports are available from Hedley Technologies:

Korunic, Z., and Fields, P.G., 1995. Diatomaceous earth insecticidal composition. Canadian and U.S.A. Patents Pending.
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